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How to enter the contest.


1. Go to the contest page for the city you want to participate in.

OR navigate the digital map click here.

2. Once on the proper contest page, scroll to the middle of the page and click the RED button that says “ARE WE MISSING A COMEDIAN?”
add comedian

3. After clicking the button, fill out the information about the participant. Make sure you submit at the bottom with the red “ENTER” button. add comedian

4. We will quickly review this information and then add the participants on the contest page. (within 5 minutes)

5. You will receive an email from us that gives you more details.

How do you win?

We use the online contest to help us determine the top comedians in your city. Then we will host a live comedy show event at a venue in that same city, in which we will invite the top comedians to perform in front of our chosen judges and audience. Once our judges & live audience votes have chosen the funniest comedian, they will be awarded the title of ‘Funniest Comic in (City)’. 

We will follow the city contest with a state contest and then the entire nation. 

Are you a venue interested in hosting?

If you are interested in hosting an in-person contest showcase, please email us for more details. [email protected]

Is it really FREE to enter the contest?

Yes, it is absolutely free! Unlike other contest or festivals, we do not charge any fee for participating as a artist. 

Do we recognize other Stand Up Comedy Contest?

Yes, we love all legitimate comedy competitions. Matter of fact, we will work with any real comedy contest to ensure their winners have automatic spots in our finals. If you know of other contests let us know and we will include them in the Official Funniest Comic.

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